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Yellow Bus is BizSafe4 Certified!

At Yellow Bus, we never stop improving ourselves to provide you better. We are happy to announce that we BizSafe4 certified!

Yellow Bus getting certified with BizSafe4, you know that we have sound WSH systems and practices in place, along with a Safety Officer.

3 reasons it benefits you:

Firstly, safety & health incidents not only does it cause delays, but it also causes financial losses. Therefore, with practices that we devised and approved, we can better prevent such incidents.

Secondly, while Yellow Bus continues to push service excellence, you can rest assured that we will never compromise our employees' working environment. Only a well-rested driver can stay focused on the road, keeping you safe.

Lastly, our commitment to safety and health has allowed us to retain talents that have worked many years with our happy clients.

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