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Discover the innovation that allows us to stay ahead of the industry, and to add more value to our first-rate service

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Committed Excellence

Start your day right, knowing we're there when you expect us to be.
Yellow Bus has been the transport leader in privately owned buses for hire industry with over 20 years of experience. Moving forward, Yellow Bus aimed to dedicate and improve its all-around customer experiences with the implementation of a strategic IT approach in their business offerings. Throughout the years, Yellow Bus has evolved rapidly with not just being a typical transport provider, but growing progressively through integration with cutting-edge technologies through its continual transport business process.
With only your best interest at heart, enjoy the same reliable ride but better

Embracing new Technology

By teaming up with Adaptive Cloud System Pte Ltd, Yellow Bus is able to strategically develop a new user app interface as well as a YB management system that is able to disperse real-time information to end-users for a seamless experience. This not only enhances the efficiency of a smoother process but concurrently creating superb conveniences for new users.
Be in the know of your figures and statistics

Efficient YB Management System

The management system allows the team to be able to regulate day-to-day operations with a single backend view of the overall activities pertained to rider, driver, and vehicle information. With its data collected stored in the cloud, it is able to churn out different statistics report analyses for review. An accounting system was incorporated for easy management of receipts, invoices, and reminders. Useful information is also dispersed out to relevant end-users with the use of the management system for a better end-user experience.

Dedicated End-user App

More time for rides, less time for errors
The app interface was designed specifically for 2 types of users - (Corporate / Schools). The development design was crafted in such a manner that it is highly optimized for user experiences. It stands out as an one-stop service for users to browse through and easily registers for any service included. With its simple user interface for easy navigation with ease, hence it shortens the learning curve for user adaptability.

Users are able to give constructive feedback/compliments via the feedback system, hence allowing more room for future improvements in YB business continuity to serve better.

For an enhanced booking experience, users are able to track the real-time location of the bus's movement, hence allowing users to have sufficient accurate
planning beforehand.
Additional customized add-on features can be further customized with further agreement from both parties, hence providing a more holistic solution for you!

To better understand how the features and immersive booking experience of our new app interface and system could value add to your corporate / school on boarding, click here!

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