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ASNGuard (Antimicrobial Coating)

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

In accordance with our motto "Travel safe, travel with us", to ensure the safety and comfort of yours, we have engaged ASNGUARD for their services. We applied an Invisible Long Term Antimicrobial Coating that lasts 30 days on all buses, it has been listed on NEA's website to be effective against COVID-19, other dangerous viruses & harmful bacteria.


Why did we choose ASNGuard for you?

  • No harmful chemicals, no chemical smells

  • ASNGUARD is effective against 3 types of viruses as per EPA Guidelines including Coronavirus

  • ASNGUARD is listed on NEA's website to be effective against COVID-19

  • The treated surface becomes resistant to virus, bacteria, mould, mildew, dirt and stain resistant

  • ASNGUARD was tested on by SGS Testing and Control Services Singapore, as well as and, successfully kills the enveloped viruses, it also able to successfully kills the “99.99 %” of small non-enveloped virus (one of the most difficult virus to kill)

When COVID first started in Singapore in Feb 2020, we immediately implemented our daily

manual wipe down on our buses, we make sure every part of our buses (eg. Seat, safety belt, windows, handrail) were disinfected with the NEA approved cleaning product several times per day for the safety of yours.

Though the COVID situation is recovering slowly, we are still vigilant and cautious in our

approach towards your health and safety. We shall not only continue to apply the spray

routinely but also look towards finding new ways to make your journeys safer and


You can rely on us to provide you with a safe and pleasant journey. And when it comes to customer service. You won't find a more committed team.

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